Connecting Parents With Their Children

Building A Sustainable Relationship

Child Focused Therapy

Is your child struggling to manage his emotions?  Is he getting in trouble at school often?  Perhaps he expresses worry that seems out of the ordinary and you’ve been unable to help him calm down.  No matter what brought you to this page, know that elementary school years can be difficult for so many families.  Child psychotherapy involves getting to know your child from a whole-person perspective.  By calling on one’s strengths, interests, temperament, and important relationships, we can work together to improve success in school, within the family, and in other important relationships.

Build Relationship
Connect With Child
Empower Child
Empower Child
Inspire Growth
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My Approach With Your Child

With a master’s degree in child development, and specific training in psychotherapy, I am uniquely equipped assist you in understanding your child’s development.  Together, we can create a plan based around what we feel may be most helpful.  By utilizing your child’s strengths and understanding important relationships in his/her life, we can work to create experiences that will promote skills and awareness to more effectively cope.  If you are seeking help for your child, you can expect me to collaborate with you, the caregiver, as well as anyone else you feel could be helpful for our work (teachers, coaches, etc.).  Benefits of child psychotherapy can be noticed in ways that include increased success at school, improved family relationships, and a greater sense of control over one’s behaviors and emotions.

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