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Meaningful Communication

In therapy with adolescents, clients learn to improve communication. Adolescence is a time of learning to advocate for one’s self, and effective communication with parents, teachers, and friends is extremely important.
By connecting with your teenager’s strengths, while understanding important relationships in his/her life, we can work to create experiences that will promote skills and awareness to more effectively cope with obstacles.

Connected Family

If you’re a teenager, or you’re a parent of one, then you probably already know that adolescence can be a trying time for the whole family. With emotional intensity on the rise, and the adolescent work of testing boundaries, adolescents tend to require a different kind of guidance and care.
That's where I come in.

Family Values

Building A Better Relationship

During adolescence, it is natural for connections with peers to become stronger and more complex. At the same time, a strain is often noticed within the parent-child relationships. Both adolescents as well as their caregivers can experience stress related to the changing dynamics. However contrary to widely-held myths about this stage in life, adolescence does not need to be a time of frustration, fear, and strained interactions.

A Little Of My Approach

Setting Adolescents Up For Success

My approach to working with adolescents involves connecting on a personal level to create trust and an atmosphere of openness. By helping adolescent clients make sense of changes that are occurring in their lives, they become better able to make the most out of this intense and exciting time in their lives.

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