Mike Meltzer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My approach to treatment is primarily psychoanalytic-informed.  This means that I collaborate with each person who comes to my office.  Together, we start to explore your reasons for seeking treatment so that I can understand how I might be most helpful.  Our work will involve meeting regularly to develop a relationship in which we can consider many important influences in your life.  We will work to understand patterns in your relationships with others, and ways of functioning as an individual.  A warm and inviting environment allows people I work with to feel comfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings in the presence of a trusted professional.  My stance is supportive, non-judgmental, and one of curiosity rather than assumptions.

I realize the powerful impact that relationships have on individuals and the way we feel and behave towards others.  I have come to whole-heartedly appreciate the value of a unique and authentic relationship between patient and therapist.  My favorite part of my job is constantly having the opportunity to join individuals on their personal journeys to find greater confidence, self-awareness, and satisfaction in their lives.

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